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Salt cave, salt bath, relaxation area with infusions, emotional shower with chrome and aromatherapy and salt sauna.

The treatment – for people of any age, children and families – gives a relaxation to the muscles, helping the posture of our body to release from tension and stiffness. The purpose of the treatment is not to replace antibiotic, medical or spa therapies, but to offer an innovative instrument to help our body to find the right balance and give us a moment of wellness and relaxation, as well as helping healthy and aesthetic situations, such as breathing, dermatitis and psoriasis, blemishes and cellulite. We have to specify that the results of the studies described and the scientific assessments show that only the Himalayan crystal can be considered the true salt, being the only one complete and pure for its composition and antiquity. With a session of only 30 minutes in the salt cave, the body is able to absorb such a quantity of microelements that only a stay at the sea for three days, in the period immediately following a storm, can guarantee.


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The salt cave is a real cave where the floor, the walls and the ceiling of the room are all covered with crystals of Himalayan pink salt, dry and clean; such a big multitude of dry salt makes a special microclimate which is the same that we can find in the underground salt caves. The treatment with salt (called halotherapy) can be useful for everyone, of any age or sex because it is a real natural treatment, with no medicines or who knows what, based on the exclusive use of the salt and on his potential and innate natural benefits, by now well known, as it is especially proud of his hygroscopic property which consists in the ability of absorb the humidity therefore the salt caves’ environment reduce the swelling and alleviate the sensation of exertion, increasing and improving both the flow of blood and the immune system of everybody.


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Who is it recommended to?

Old people, children, athletes, under stress people, pregnant women,etc..: everyone can try the salt treatment which gives generally important benefits to all the body. In any case it is advised against to do the treatment in the salt cave to people who have cancer, heart failure, arterial hypertention or allergies to iodine: in these cases it is useful to consult your doctor.

Duration of the treatment

The therapy in the salt cave lasts about 40 minutes. During the treatment people can comfortably sit in the cave provided with comfortable seats and for the entire time they can listen to relaxing music and breathe all the benefits originated from the salt. According to a statistic, it really looks like that breathing the clean air, rich of the salt benefits helps to reduce the ingestion of antibiotics and cortisone.


Sand baths are recognized since the Middle Ages as an instrument to relieve the muscle pains. Our salt bath, thanks to the use of Himalayan pink salt, can carry out a complete action on our body. The treatment consists in being immersed in warm salt at a temperature very similar to the blood heat for about 30/40 minutes: it is especially suitable for atlhetes and all the people who suffer from problems or traumas in muscles (rheumatisms, arthritis, cervical spondylosis…). Also, the properties of the salt and its trace elements contained in it, let go and fight the most important and common skin problems, like dermatitis, psoriasis, cellulite, localized fat, not toned skin and skin aging.The heated salt improves the circulation and the lymphatic drainage process of liquids and toxins in the dermis, allowing you to combine this session with beauty treatments targeted, increasing the benefits and results already visible in the first treatment.



Our bio sauna has the distinction of being tiled with tiles of Himalayan pink salt (the salt is also present on the ground), that , warming , generate a pleasant thermal effect that combines the benefits of sweating with those of the ionized air and essential oils to increase even further the well-being of the skin. The expected temperature in the bio sauna is 50-60°. Here you can stay from one to a maximum of 4 people.